Why choose us?
We are a Southland owned Company
We personalise our service by visiting clients at their home or workplace and discuss what best suits you.

As a Professional Adviser I will gain an understanding of what you do, or how your business operates, build a relationship so we can customise your insurance to suit you.
We are both in Invercargill & Cromwell with staff happy to assist you and meet your needs.

Why Use a Broker?

  • Insurance contracts are very complex. We can help you have a better understanding of these.
  • We use our knowledge and resources to present you the best insurance options for your specific needs.
  • We keep written records and documentation, conversations, email and all correspondence on our database and these are always available when needed.
  • We help liase and settle claims between you and your insurer which can sometimes become stressful or complex.
  • We deal with a wide range of Insurers both Nationally and Internationally to get the best deal for you.
  • We provide an annual personal review of all your insurances